How to use

※ This help has been written based on the Pro version.


1. Setting Authorities for Access to the Contact

When you first start the application, the pop up which is asking about the authority to access the contact will appear on your screen.

Please push ‘OK’ button here.

If you didn’t allow the access to the contact, you have to change the setting at your iPhone setting slot.

Settings > Privacy > Contacts > Setting to 'ON'

2. Managing Contacts Group

Please push ‘+’ button to add a new group...

If you want to edit or delete the group which were already there, please push ‘Edit’ button.

Group Delete: Push the ‘-‘ button of each group.

Edit Group Name: If you push the group’s name which is on the list, you can put the new name of the group.

3. Searching Contact

First, please access to ‘All Contact’ among group lists.

You can search the contact with only the part of the contact like names or phone numbers.

This function works same in each group.

If the ordering of contacts has been changed after updating iOS8, please change setting of iPhone. (Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Sort Order, Display Order)

4. How to add a contact to a group

In the group, you can register for a new contact, edit the original one or move to another group

You have to take steps of following order to put the contact into the group when you don’t have any group yet.

a. Please enter the “No group’ in the group list.

b. Change the mode to edit mode clicking the action button on the right top (arrow-shaped).

c. Please select contacts multiply to add into the certain group.

d. Click the group button (human-shaped) on the tool bar on the top

e. And you’ll see this kind of screen which asks you to choose the group.

Please choose the group that you want to add contacts, and push ‘Copy’ or ‘Move’ button.

Copy: Leave at current group, and add to the new group.

Move: Delete at current group, and add to the new group

In case of accessing to “Contact with no group”, there are no differences between ‘Copy’ and ‘Move’

You can move or copy from certain group to another group by the same way.

If you delete a contact from the group, deleted contacts will be moved as 'No groups'.

5. Group Mail and Group Message

This function is useful when you have to send the message to multiple people, and to send same mail contents.

Push the Mail button (mail-shaped) after selecting several contacts you want on the contact list.

Next, there will be a screen which demands you to select the mail ID like this.

Please check the mail IDs, and push ‘Compose’ button’

Group message function works same as group mail.

As you eventually push ‘Compose’ button in the group mail and group message, following writing tool will appear.

You can write your messages more conveniently by this message board.

You can choose whether you will use these tools or not in the setting.

6. Favorites

Set your favorites separately.

You can call or message to each phone numbers fast.

7. Speed Dial

This is the dial pad that you can search phone numbers and call them at the same time.

If you push the part of numbers or name using buttons, proper phone numbers will be found.

You can choose the phone number and call or send message immediately.

8. Organizing contacts

If you have some time to spare, please organize you contacts.

As organized contacts which are categorized under each condition, you can organize your contacts more easily.

9. Shortcut number dial

You can designate one or two digit number in contact, and connect by pressing the number in dial pad

You designate the contact by “+” button of certain number, and clear by “-“button

The method of connection by pressing shortcut number in dial pad is like following

One digit number: press the number for 0.5 second

Two digits number: press first digit shortly and second digit longer for 0.5 second.

Example) 36: press 3 short, and 6 longer

10. Contact back-up

If you press backup button, all contact lists will be indicated in the list after being backup by accounts.

When you select the desired account for recovery after pressing recovery button in backup list, the contact is recovered.

Backup and recovery need careful attention for they delete all existing data first before creating new one.

You can also recover by saving data for backup in mail and receive from the mail.