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▷ Easy and safe contacts group management + α

◉ All-in-One - Advance in contacts application

Contacts group management is just basic function.

There are other functions as well, such as advanced searching function, group text message, group e-mail, contacts backup, speed dial, batch deletion, guide for organization of contacts, fast contacts favorites, smart searching dial and so on.

Try these various functions.

◉ Contacts data is your valuable information.

Contacts application should be operated accurately with no loss of data because it applies system data.

◉ Function and feature ◉

● Real time synchronization

There is no confusion for users because contacts data of system directly used and applied to operation contents immediately.

● Multiple selection type

Most of operation has been handled quickly by multiple selection type.

● Contacts group management

Registration of contacts information as a group member after making group

Contacts copy and move between groups

Contacts group of system and real time synchronization

iCloud, Exchange, CardDAV Simultaneous support

● Advanced searching contacts function

Filtering optimized data by choose of searching phone number or name

● Group text message and group e-mail

Concurrently sending of contacts information by multi-choice

Separated message written tools for convenient input

● Fast contacts favorites

Management of frequent contacts information in use and easy calling or texting

● Organization of contacts information

Deletion or organization of contacts information in various conditions

Batch deletion of contacts information

● Smart searching dial

Searching contacts information which is number or name in touch screen and displaying list

Quick calling by setting abbreviated number dial

● Backup of contacts information

Backup or restoration of contacts information in each group

Storage of backup data by sending e-mail

◉ Version Comparison (Pro VS Free) ◉

• Changing order of contacts group

• Cancelation of limiting the number of group e-mail

• Cancelation of limiting the number of group message

• Cancelation of limiting the number of favorites

• Smart search dial

• Abbreviated number dial

• Use of silent dial

• Message preparation tool for easy input

• Backup of contacts information

• Removal of advertisement

◉ Notice ◉

• At first running application, accessing to contacts information in iPhone should be allowed.

• Contacts information in exchange account is not compatible with default contacts and other contacts application, and it can be removed by deletion of application.

• If the ordering of contacts has been changed after updating iOS8, please change setting of iPhone. (Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Sort Order, Display Order)

• Sometimes, it can conflict with randomly transformed application that can change contacts data like span number. In this case, please delete spam number and continue to use.