How to use

※ This help has been written based on the Pro version.

When you starts your app, current location of yours will be pinned on the map.

Following items will be shown related to designated location:

Address, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude of current location, Direction of compass.

Please push the pin button on the bottom to search for another direction.

There are two ways to search the location.

The center of the map: After setting your searching spot as the ‘Center of the Map’ by scrolling the map, if you push the button you can see the list at the spot.

Specify the Location: The way to search the location using the address or direction you already know of.

Choose the way to search the location between 2 ways.

Designating location by coordinate: put latitude and longitude that you know.

Designating location by address: put the address that you know.

If you push ‘Save’ button after typing all of them, map of designated location will be shown in your screen.

When you push ‘Map Form’ on the third, you can change the map into street mode, satellite mode, street + satellite mode.

Push the ‘Send Location’ button.

You can easily share your current location or designated location to others.

It provides Email, message or tweeter.

If you choose to send email or tweeter, not only address or direction of designated location but also picture of the map will be automatically sent.