Category : Navigation

It introduces a way to search or share the location easily.

Please tell to others current or specific location with few clicks on the screen.

Run this app if you want to know coordinate or address of current location.

When choosing appointment place and when haste to inform location, specify pin on the map and select method of transmission.

* Display current location when app is running

* Display altitude of current location and coordinate of specific location

* Display address of location

* Display bearing with compass

* Change map type (normal, satellite)

* Specify the center of the map and check the coordinates and addresses

* Designate location by entering coordinate

* Designate location by entering address

* Transmit specific location by email, text messaging, or twitter

* Save the specified location information and map or share it via SNS

* Because location is transmitted through URL, the person receiving can link to the map immediately

It is no longer necessary to talk about description for location.