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▷ Biorhythm can be applied to all people..

◉ How about your biorhythm today?

If you don’t feel very well today, most of all please check your biorhythm.

It is better to avoid immoderate activity if your biorhythm is not good. Because it perhaps makes something bad happen.

◉ Give advice for your future.

It is well known fact that celebrities who experienced an accident had been the worst biorhythm. Is it purely accidental?

◉ It provides values over general graph.

◦ Exact data which selects official algorithm.

◦ Delicate and easy biorhythm graph

◦ Sending biorhythm by e-mail or SMS

◦ Convenient managing in many users

◦ Additional function which is differentiated service from other biorhythm apps

◦ Easy use whoever or whenever or wherever

◦ Advice and plan for future condition

◉ What is biorhythm?

Biorhythm is defined as three types of physiological phenomenon cycle which is composed of physical, emotional, and intellectual. There is an opinion that three cycles are repeated with regular pattern based on birthday, and activity effectiveness or capability depends on combination of pattern.

In the nineteenth century, it was summarized by Wilhelm Fliess in Germany. Dr. Alfred Teltscher in Austria had researched for his five thousand students and supplemented intuitive rhythm in 1923.

The followings are four types of rhythm cycle and calculation methods.

d = Survival days

Physical rhythm : sin(2π d / 23)

Emotional rhythm : sin(2π d / 28)

Intellectual rhythm : sin(2π d / 33)

Intuitive rhythm : sin(2π d / 38)

Each rhythm is expressed by the range from -100 to 100 values.

Low depression range: from -100 to -1

High mania: from 1 to 100

Dangerous point: The points that (+) converts to (-) or (-) converts to (+), That is the value of 0

◉ Main function


• Display of four types rhythm in user with values and graphs.

• Inquiry of immediately changed date

• Analysis function and interconnection


• Sending biorhythm by e-mail or message


• Searching and managing of list of many users

• Biorhythm graph screen and interconnection


• Biorhythm list of 31 days amount

• Extraction function of date in each condition

• Analysis of capability using biorhythm


• Average value calculation for biorhythm in more than two persons


• Explanation for each rhythm

• Explanation of manual summary

• Inquiry to developer

◉ Notice

• If you have any other further questions, please use e-mail function of the app.