How to use

※ This help has been written based on the Pro version.


1. Main Menu

There are four items on Main Menu.

Biorhythm: Viewing default user’s Biorhythm

User: Registration and setting of multiple users.

Union: Viewing average Biorhythm of more than 2 users.

Information: Basic instruction and information

2. Basic User Registration

If you choose ‘Biorhythm’ menu when basic user is not registered, there will be warning message.

[Yes] Push the button and register new default user.

Please put [Name] and [Birthday] of the user, and push [Save] button after you set the [Default user] option as [ON]

Default user is the user which is checked basically if the user pushes the [Biorhythm] item on Main menu.

You can choose only 1 default user among multiple users, and you can change it later.

3. Biorhythm Graph

If you register the basic user, biorhythm screen will be on immediately.

A person has four cycles repeating periodically from birthday, the number of days to repeat the four cycles and calculation methods are as follows.

d = Survival days

- Physical rhythm: sin(2π d / 23)

- Emotional rhythm: sin(2π d / 28)

- Intellectual rhythm: sin(2π d / 33)

- Intuitive rhythm: sin(2π d / 38)

Each cycle's value is expressed with a value between the minimum, -100 and the maximum, 100.

In terms of the value, from -100 to -1 is called a low phase, and from 1 to 100 is called a high phase.

The day at the point of 0 where a low phase turns a high phase or a high phase turns a low phase is called a dangerous day.

Check button of each rhythm is special option that can be shown in peculiar rhythm.

If you want to change the date of the graph immediately, please move the blue bar to left and right.

Also, you can change and check the date with the [Date], [M] or [D] button.

4. Analysis Function

Push the round [V] button on the Biorhythm screen.

Biorhythm of designated term is shown as the list of each date.

This function is useful when you are checking every biorhythm in designated term.

How about checking the biorhythm by each status?

We provide 3 statuses including ‘Well’, ‘Tired’, ‘Danger’

If you pushed only ‘Danger’ button, only the date with ‘0’ figure will be shown in the list.

If you push the round [%] button on Biorhythm screen, it shows ability to perform which is analyzed by biorhythm.

After combining 4 biorhythm statuses comprehensively, about 60 items of performance ability could be evaluated.

5. Sharing Biorhythm

Why don’t you check the birthday of your family or closest friend and share the biorhythm occasionally?

You can e-mail or send the biorhythm and also save it as your photo, and copy to clipboard.

You can send e-mail 4 biorhythm statuses with graph attached,

and you can send text messages also.

6. User settings

You can access to this function with [User] item on Main menu.

If you set your status in advance, you don’t need to put birthday every time they use it. It’s because when you select a user, he or she can move to biorhythm screen immediately.

If you want to add or change the user, please push [Edit] button.

You can add the user with [+] button, and delete the user with [-] button.

If you want to change the order of the user, please drag the user to the position you want.

Then please push the date button above.

You can immediately check all users’ designated date at the same time.

7. Biorhythm Union

You can access to this function with [Union] item on Main menu.

Biorhythm Union is the function that calculates the average figure of multiple users.

Please choose more than 2 users and push [Average] button.

The average of each rhythm is shown.

And, please push the [Ability to perform] button.

It will show average performance ability of average biorhythm.

You can see multiple user's performance ability with this function.