Category : Utility

QR code had become one of the tools of our life.

Isn't QR code which can contain various information in rectangular shape a creative invention?

Here we introduce a tool which can read and produce QR code easily and fast.

Try to make your own QR code.

With QR code, you will be able to guide your site and distribute the name card you made.

Moreover, what about sending a mail to love one using QR code?

◈ Main Function ◈

1. Indication of code image and content by reading QR code with camera

• Flash function which makes reading in dark place possible

2. Production of QR code by entering content

3. Save QR code which is being used often to favorites

4. Connection

• Website

• Phone

• Message

• Email

• Map

5. Save and share

• Save to Favorites

• Mail delivery

• Message delivery

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Save to clipboard

• Save to camera roll